Built on our expertise in automotive data, DRUST insurance tools allow you to take a brand-new approach to driver-centric telematics insurance.

Analysis of driving behavior

The DRUST safety score allows human factors to be qualified as road risk, considering the context.

Personalized advices

Our coaching tools enable your clients to improve their driving behaviors and vehicle use to become superdrivers.

Road risk assessment

Our road risk assessment tools offer you a unique visibility on your overall claim rate.


Easily deploy our tools of breakdown analysis and crash alert on all your customers' vehicles.

The benefits of connected insurance:

Decrease in claims rate

A connected driver is a well-informed driver: the connected insurance enables a guaranteed reduction in the number of accidents.

Improving the customer experience

Offer a gamified experience and increase proximity with your customers.

Risk management

Risk analysis allows you to make the necessary strategic trade-offs.


À la carte

Build the offer that suits your market strategy: Pay How You Drive, Pay When You Drive, etc.

Off the shelf

Deploy in record time: take advantage of tools adapted to all connectivity solutions.

Project mode

Do you have a specific need? DRUST's development teams can offer you tailor-made products.

Your automotive connected services now!

We are committed to maximizing the value of your connected services by supporting the success of your projects.

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