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Who has never dreamed of having only superdrivers for customers?

Enabling superdrivers.

DRUST is an intelligence platform that enables insurers and car Makers to improve the driving behaviors of their customers and turn them into superdrivers by making sense of car data.

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Why superdrivers make better roads

Superdrivers benefit from an enhanced driving experience thanks to the automotive data.

Superdrivers save money

With an average of 6000 ā‚¬/year, cars are the second highest expense in household budgets.

Superdrivers care about the planet

Transportation is responsible for 34% of CO2 emissions. +4Ā°C by 2100 will lead to a +100m rise in seas level.

Superdrivers are safe

In the world, 1 person dies on the road every 25 seconds.

Superdrivers improve while enjoying a fun driving experience

Who said a cheap, safe and responsible ride could not be a fun one?

How we enable superdrivers

From any vehicle data source, the DRUST.AIā„¢ cloud platform uses proprietary intelligent algorithms to characterize driving behavior and car usage. Once these profiles have been established, a recommendation engine can be used to guide decisions, prevent risks and provide advice to improve behaviors.


A cloud-to-cloud intelligence open platform to enable your connected car programs.

Example of use:

- Display the health status in real time of vehicles
- Analysis of the behavior of each of your drivers

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A SDK and a suite of white label, turnkey telematics products for your customers.

Example of use:

Reduce road risks with personalized advices provided directly to your drivers.

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A unique laboratory of more than 1000 equipped superdrivers to accelerate your time to market.

Example of use:

Get users feedback on your innovative connected services.

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Offer new innovative services to your customers and drivers in order to better satisfy them, retain them, and attract new ones.

They superdrive with us


CES Innovation Award 2019 for the Superdrive app.

Winner of the French IoT 2018 competition organized by the French group La Poste.

Energy and environmental expertise award, trophy for connected objects 2016.

LaureĢat 2016 ADEME SME Initiative.

Selected to represent French Tech at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Winner of the 2015 Grand Prix of Innovation of the city of Paris in the Digital Technologies category.

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